Charred remains of abandoned car left on Philadelphia street

An abandoned vehicle in South Philly went up in flames, and nearly a week later the car is still sitting on the street.

"It was a huge fire by the time we came outside," said Pablo Maldonado. "It caught the car behind it, and the stop sign."

Neighbors tell FOX 29 the car was abandoned for weeks, if not months. Several of them called in complaints to 311 and said the only progress seen was citations on the vehicle dash.

"Over the course of a few weeks, there were multiple 311’s that got put in, not just myself, but by several neighbors," said one neighbor on the block who asked to remain anonymous.

Just two months ago, a spokesperson with the Streets Department said there were over 40-thousand complaints into 311 for abandoned vehicles.

"It was broken into for a while, people used to sit in it, and I guess they were doing [drugs] in it," said Ray Chaffin. "You got a school right here, this shouldn’t be sitting here, kids could get hurt."

Looking back, neighbors are relieved none of the homes caught fire. They hope the burned out car is taken off their street soon.

A city spokesperson said the removal of abandoned vehicles are a service of Philadelphia Police Department. We have reached out and are waiting to hear back.