Cherry Hill police stepping up security at mall, Walmart, due to recent mass shootings

Local police departments say they’re doing what they can to keep everyone safe, in light of the two most recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Some people admit, though, the world has changed and they’ll never be truly safe.

More cameras in place and more human eyes watching as mall and shopping strip managers work with Cherry Hill police, increasing officer patrols outside and inside stores and businesses, in the wake of recent mass shootings.

“You never know. It’s all over the place. You see it and hear about it all the time,” Troy Benson stated.

“It’s hard to wrap your mind around some of the stupid things these days,” said Michael Bartelle.

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The Cherry Hill Walmart using Lot Cops, or portable cameras that allow security to see whatever is going on outside. The Lot Cop can protect itself from vandals and issue orders, too.

“I didn’t think anything was needed, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have extra security,” Bartelle added.

Cherry Hill police conducting extra drive arounds as well as extra walk-throughs inside stores.

“If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen,” stated Melissa Rabeau.

Rabeau appreciates the added security, but worries that there is little anybody can do.

“Someone who’s gonna do something like that, they don’t care. They’re only concerned about themselves and why they’re angry,” Rabeau explained.