Chester County officials warn of crystal meth comeback

Authorities in Chester County say methamphetamine is making a comeback.

District Attorney Tom Hogan held a press conference Wednesday warning the public that crystal meth is once again flooding the area.

Hogan says investigators started noticing an uptick in meth trafficking over the past year, and added that the drug is more potent and cheaper than it was a decade ago.

"This crystal meth is potent, powerful, and cheap," Hogan said Wednesday, "You're going to see a strong impact on users and law enforcement."

Authorities believe the drug is making its way to the area with the help of Mexican drug cartels.

"What's happening now is all of the meth that we are getting is all this pure crystal. We are not getting the biker meth anymore," Hogan added, "The market is flooded with the crystal, so that's a huge difference from the 2000s.

Police believe the drug's comeback is a big concern for a number of reasons, but especially because users tend to act violently and erratically.