Cleanup continues day after Super Bowl celebrations

City workers have the toughest job of them all--parade cleanup.

"Tornado, earthquake, a natural disaster. Whatever you can think of," said Terrence Smith as he describes the long night of cleanup ahead of him and other city workers.

The parade was a magical sight but take away all the people and eagles decorations and this is what's left behind.

"Cigarette buds, alcoholic beverages, cans, trash and Dunkin' Donuts. You name it. It's out here but we got to get it up," he said. Sweepers hit the streets as soon as the parade was over trying to clear the bulk trash left behind. Possibly a few million people descended on the city for the Eagles' Super Bowl Championship Victory parade. Heavy equipment took to areas along the Parkway and Broad Street but some of trash needed a little finessing.

"We just went into the stone-age with these brooms," laughed Smith. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

What's out here? You name it. We can find it.

"A lot of people left chairs and I'm seeing more Bud Light cans than I've ever seen in my life. Budweiser came through for today," said Michael Baldwin. They came through alright and kept going.

"This is typical but I know that by tomorrow morning it will all be cleaned up. The crews will work all night. They're tremendous and they'll do a great job," said Rosalee Wiest who attended the parade.

"It reminded me of being in a landfill or a nuclear war just happened. But it was wonderful spirit all day and I'm sure by tomorrow they'll have it all back the way it should be," said Karen Barton