Cleanup underway at Germantown shop following break-in, vandalism

Uncle Bobbie's Coffee and Books was set to open for the first time after being closed since the pandemic when the unthinkable happened.

Owner Marc Lamont Hill says Saturday night someone senselessly smashed a window and climbed inside to steal cash and an iPad. On Wednesday night — right next to the boarded up hole — Hill says an hour after he left the shop at 10:30 p.m. someone smashed in another window but did not get inside.

“I didn't think I was being targeted the first night but two times in three days, four days, you have to start asking different questions,” Hill told FOX 29.

Hill says they fundraised so they could keep paying employees through the closure. The shop even made it through the rioting and looting the city experienced last month untouched.

"We didn't board up the whole time. We trusted Germantown and Germantown showed their love for us and for it to happen now is even more confusing, honestly,' Hill said.

Uncle Bobbie's starts a portion of the historic district on Germantown Avenue so they are unable to add security gates like others on the block.

The shop plans to reopen Tuesday despite pricey repairs ahead


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