Construction workers take matters into their own hands and tie would-be thief up

A bold citizen's arrest caught on camera.

"Breaking into my stuff yo," a construction worker said.

"I wasn't breaking into it," the man tied to scaffolding screamed.

"You was!" the construction worker replied.

"You got my jays and my wallet, I wasn't in it! I was just checking it out," the man explained.

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All of this played out in uptown Charlotte. The video shows construction workers taping a man to the scaffolding after they saw him messing with their truck.

"I gotta do what I gotta do to hold you. You got no business in my truck," the construction worker said.

FOX 46 FRESCO user Tina Quizon, caught all the action.

"You don't stumble into those things but there I was," Quizon said. "The leg is tapped to the scaffolding, they put a rope around his waist. I mean it was pretty extreme."

A loyal FRESCO user who's gathered news for FOX 46 Charlotte for nearly two years said her immediate instinct was to hit record, get the info and send it to FRESCO.

"I was like, nobody is going to believe this," Quizon said.

CMPD was scene a few minutes later taking the man into custody.

"Do you need anything? Do you need Medic?" CMPD asks in the video.

While it wasn't quite the ending to the day Quizon envisioned for her grandkids, it's definitely a day she said they won't soon forget, as she waits for the next FRESCO assignment to be sent out.

"Without Fresco a lot of stories don't make it and FOX is really good about working with Fresco to know which stories are important," Quizon said.

Her news gathering efforts didn't stop there, they also managed to rescue a baby squirrel. They were actually waiting for Animal Control to show up and help the squirrel when the afternoon took a turn.