DA: Suspects Bought Heroin After Robbing Korean War Veteran

Authorities in Chester County have arrested two men in connection with a violent home invasion involving an 81-year-old Korean War veteran.

Police say Zachary Hails, 27, and John Reeves, 24, knocked on the man's door back on July 26 th around 7:15 p.m.

When the man answered the door, authorities say Reeves told the victim there was a problem with water in the man's basement. Next, Reeves pushed his way through the front door, grabbing the victim, and demanding money.

According to police, Reeves shoved the victim onto a bed, and covered him with blankets before threatening to shoot him if he moved.

Reeves searched drawers in the bedroom, and punched the victim in the head and torso before fleeing from the house, where Hails was waiting inside of a car.

The suspects made off with approximately $400 in cash, a laptop, prescription pain medication, credit cards and jewelry belonging to the victim's late wife.

The Chester County District Attorney's Office says Hails and Reeves drove to Philadelphia after the robbery to buy heroin with the stolen money.

Both men are being held in Chester County Prison on $150,000 cash bail.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for October 8 th , 2015.