Daughter Helps Mom Find Friends Through Twitter Campaign

After noticing how lonely her mom was, Kate Hoit started a heartwarming Twitter campaign to help her make new friends.

Hoit, 31, tweeted, "Meet Diane (on the right)…Looking for: Must be 60-70 yr old. Funny. And flexible? (Don't ask) #DateDiane," to launch the campaign.

Diane's husband has been living in a nursing home with Alzheimer's for 10 years now and Kate thought it was time to create some joy in her mom's life, according to reports.

Kate's mother, Diane, is now receiving requests for both love and friendship from strangers from even as far as Australia and Thailand in response the twitter hashtag #DateDiane that her daughter created.

Since the campaign started the mom and daughter duo seem to be having tons of fun with the online responses and Kait continues to post pictures and videos of her mom with the hashtag "DateDiane."