Del. newlyweds say thousands in gifts stolen from hotel

Four Delaware newlywed couples say they've had thousands of dollars' worth of gifts stolen from them during separate weddings at Hotel du Pont.

Lexi Simmerman celebrated the wedding of her cousin at the hotel in early January.

She says she and family members put $850 in an envelope as a wedding gift and placed in a box in the reception area.

"The box was taken to the hotel room and put in the couple’s room, who was getting married, four cards with lots of cash were stolen," Simmerman said.

The couple is not alone. Wilmington police tell the Delaware News Journal, which first reported the story, there have been four wedding-thefts reported in the Hotel du Pont from October of 2018 to January of this year.

In a statement from its PR firm, the hotel writes:

“We maintain a zero tolerance policy as it relates to theft and immediately connected with the Wilmington Police Department when made aware of the issue.”

“The hotel is standing by its people saying they’d never be a part of something like this," Simmerman said.

Simmerman says the couple’s money was lost. 

"They were devastated. That was a lot of money they were going on they honeymoon, looking forward to paying off their wedding and the thousands and thousands of dollars they spent at the Hotel du Pont," Simmerman said.

Hotel du Pont was built in Wilmington in 1913 and was the site of 70 weddings last year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.