Delaware County school uses murals to help students stay positive

The start of school is just weeks away and one Delaware County school is using murals to help students stay positive and boost confidence.

"I thought it would be just a couple simple sayings on the wall and as people got together--started brainstorming all kinds of ideas it just took off," Broll Allen Brydges said.

Now, all six bathrooms--three ladies and three gentlemen-- are bursting with color and the power of being positive.

It's perfect for Garrettford Elementary's new school year theme: change your words, change your mind."

"The bathrooms are amazing. We're very excited to see when the children come back what they're reaction is to it," 2nd grade teacher Cheryl Murray said.

While teachers prepare a new look for their new class of kids, Mrs. Cheryl Murray and Principal Allen Bridges say the bathrooms remain the same.

They credit former 1st grade teacher Becky McAllister for the idea and for scoring a tiny grant to do it.

"Well, the grant was $550-- that's it and that just paid for the paint and supplies the rest was just good old fashion elbow grease, people working hard, volunteering their time," Brydges explained.

And their skill.

Chuck Styles is a profession artist whose daughter is a 2nd grader at Garrettford, but the amateurs aren't bad either.

Still, why the bathroom?

"Mrs McAllister was thinking what a better place than the bathroom because the kids are kinda in here a lot by themselves where they can think. Maybe they got in trouble in class or had a rough day and they come in the bathroom to get away from everything," Brydges said.