Delaware County snow preparation: PennDot ready with 180 salt trucks ahead snow Tuesday

The region is bracing for the next winter storm that’s forecasted to bring some wet and white precipitation. 

FOX 29’s SkyFOX flew over PennDot trucks filling up at the salt yards in Norristown preparing for what will be a messy morning commute.

"The Northwest suburbs might see a little colder conditions a little more accumulation, so I’d expect more of a clearing operation than perhaps the City where it might just be a coating and might see some more salt and more spreading going on" said Brad Rudolph, PennDot Spokesman.

And just like clockwork, the shovels and rock salt were in high demand at the Hardware Plus store in Wayne.  Maria McCormack wasn’t taking any chances with this storm.

"The people that we hired had not come out to salt and I fell and slipped under my car" said Maria McCormack of Devon.


Philadelphia snow forecast: Winter storm alerts with rain turning into snow Monday into Tuesday

Parts of the Delaware Valley are bracing for a winter storm that forecasters believe will dump measurable snow in parts of the region overnight Monday into Tuesday.

"We are in great shape for the next storm if we need it. But I got a feeling people are listening to the groundhog and they think spring is around the corner" said Jeff Muth owner of Hardware Plus

With visions of a snow day dancing in his daughter's head Peter Colon of Devon didn't want to be caught off guard. He came out for a few extra bags of salt just in case.

"We just thought it was going to be a little bit of rain and a dusting of snow but now with 2 to 5 inches or so came out to get some salt and just getting ready" Colon said.

It’s not expected to be a blizzard but it maybe just enough of a mess to make it a virtual day.

"I’ll be home working from home doing what I can from home so I’m not leaving" said McCormack.

PennDot says they’ll have a 180 salt trucks at the ready as soon as the flakes start flying.  But since the storm is expected to start as rain they won’t be pre-treating the roads with liquid brine solution before it starts.