Delaware Valley gets taste of spring as temperatures soar to 70 degrees

The Delaware Valley got a taste of spring Monday. Some say music can be good for your mood, but add that to a 70-degree day in early March and it felt like the perfect day.

Faith the violinist filled the air with good vibes on South Street. Others found inspiration elsewhere like running at Race Street Pier or enjoying the view under warm sunshine.


 "I'm ready for spring or summer," said 9-year-old Stella Perez. She says the weather was good for sales today. “Girl Scout cookies!” she screamed. It's hard to resist Girl Scout cookies anyway but Stella and her mom say today especially was hard for people to say no.

"People are happy and they're yes they're generous. They're having a good day. Look at this. I'm doing great today. She's doing great today," said Amanda Perez pointing to empty boxes that held the cookie boxes. Also doing great were restaurants with outdoor seating. No surprise here. We expected not an empty seat.

 "I had to get my fix this evening and we've been here for a little over two hours actually enjoying the weather and now it's dark outside," said Maria Gallelli. She and her friend Lauren hadn't seen each other in a while. The warmer weather encouraged them to make girl-time happen.

"It's nice to have the nice weather when we're not supposed to get it," said Gallelli.

Keith the Grubhub driver works in all kinds of weather. Today was one of his better days.

"It's nice out. It wasn't humid at all," he said. Work weather is one thing but time off is different.

 "I snowboard so I definitely miss the snow. Maybe go out west and check it out. Maybe there's more snow out there in the spring," said Keith.


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