'Dirty Dancing' wedding stunt goes awry when father of the bride drops flower girl

It’s a memory that will surely be talked about around every family Thanksgiving table. Viral videos shows the moment that a choreographed father-daughter dance went awry during a wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

Samara Fraker, the bride, wanted to perform the infamous scene in the classic 80s film “Dirty Dancing” where the dance instructor Johnny Castle lifts Frances “Baby” Houseman into the air.

Realizing she was too heavy for her father to lift her, she enlisted the help of one of her flower girls to do the iconic lift.

With the featured song, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” playing loudly in the background, Fraker’s father lifts the flower girl over his head.

However, he accidentally misjudged and sent the child tumbling over his head.

They both landed on the floor but were reportedly okay.

“Everyone thought it was funny once it was confirmed everyone was okay!” Fraker told Storyful.