Dog allegedly stolen, euthanized by PETA; family suing for up to $9 million

A family is suing the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for up to $9 million after their dog was allegedly stolen and euthanized by the animal group, according to WAVY.

According to the news outlet, Wilbur Zarate gave his daughter a Chihuahua named Maya to comfort her when she moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia from Mexico.

Zarate spoke to WAVY and said that his daughter was very upset when the dog went missing in October.

"My chihuahua, when she sees my car, she come(s) to me," Zarate said. "That Saturday she did not come."

Zarate reportedly checked his security camera, and saw that two women had walked onto his porch, took Maya, and put her in the back of a van that said PETA on the side.

"I was angry. I understand they pick up my dog, if it was in a tree or another place, but this is in my house," Zarate told WAVY.

The women returned three days later bearing awful news - Maya had been euthanized.

From there, Zarate called police and the two workers were charged with larceny.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, the state later held an investigation and found that PETA violated state law by failing to properly identify the dog and keep it alive for five days before euthanizing it.

Now, Zarate and his daughter are suing PETA for $2 million and asking for another $5 million in punitive damages. They are also suing the two workers, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods, for $350,000 each.