Donald Trump holds rally on Temple University campus

Both candidates in the 2024 presidential election are gearing up for next Thursday’s debate in Atlanta.

Saturday night, Donald Trump held a rally on Temple University’s campus.

Philly is considered a Joe Biden stronghold, with the president visiting the Keystone state more than any other during his re-election campaign.

Trump’s campaign team just opened an office in North Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

The latest polls show Trump and Biden in a statistical dead heat in Pennsylvania, considered a major swing state.

"We win Pennsylvania, we win the presidency. All I can tell you is you’ll have a great economy, low energy cause you’ll be drilling, drilling. You’re gonna be at levels you’ve never seen before," Trump touted to the crowd. "I will tell you, they’re taking African American jobs and Hispanic American jobs. You know who else they’re really affecting? The unions. And, I have to tell you, we have a lot of Teamsters here."

Trump supporters packed into the Liacouras Center on Temple’s campus, as Trump flags were flown and MAGA hats were worn, The Pennsylvania Democratic Party hosted an anti-rally across the street.