Dozens of people attend funeral for Air Force veteran with no family

People from all over attended a funeral in Mayfair Monday for an Air Force veteran who had no living family.

Korean War veteran Margaret McCann recently passed away in a senior home at the age of 87.  Although she prearranged her funeral, McCann outlived all family members, which left funeral director Mark McCafferty concerned that no one would be in attendance.

“When she passed away we didn’t know anybody. We didn’t know if there was any next of kin. We didn’t know anybody that was related to her that was alive and no one contacted us," McCafferty told FOX 29. “It was heartbreaking to think that she was going to be in that church by herself and I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.”

After posting the story on social media the response was overwhelming. Philadelphia acting police commissioner Christine Coulter, students and veterans from across the area showed up to celebrate the life of one of our local heroes.

“I think Margaret is smiling. I think she’s smiling down from heaven and she’s happy," her friend Carol said.