Drag queens set to read to children at Cherry Hill library

A storytime event at a Cherry Hill library is causing controversy.

Randall Roland is not giving a second thought to keeping his kids away from the Drag Queen Story Time event next month at the Cherry Hill Public Library.

"It's just not what I do, not what I live by and not what I try to stand for so, but I think we should learn how to love everyone."

A drag diva duo known as the "Sheer Sisters" will be reading to the kids on June 19th as part of the library celebrating LGBT Pride Month; however, parents we talked with have mixed reaction.

"If parents want to bring their children that's their decision. That's their choice. That wouldn't be something I would do, but everybody's welcome to make their own choice," one parent said.

"Yeah! Absolutely I would go. Yes definitely I would take my daughter, I'd take my son," another parent said.

In fact Jade Dalumpines says it's somewhat personal.

"I thought it was such a great idea being that I have two family members that love to dress up and be drag queens so I really felt like that's something that the world needs to see that," she explained.

The idea is not new. It's a national thing. The website "Drag Queen Story Hour" has pictures of previous youth reading sessions, which happened in LA, New York and San Francisco. It says the story hour gives kids "glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models seeing people who defy rigid gender restrictions."

The Conservative the National Review just ran an essay, which says the story hour movement is merely indoctrinating children into a liberal agenda.

Deena Caswell organized the drag queen storytime and is the biological sister of one of the Sheer sisters.

"We really just wanted this to be a fun event for children to come, learn about issues of diversity, inclusively and tolerance."