Dress Code Controversy: Leggings or Pants?

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) There's a debate over the difference between leggings and pants. Also, there's controversy brewing over if they are appropriate for school where tights are not allowed. One Philadelphia girl was told she couldn't wear them.Her mom reached out to FOX 29 because she was upset.

The mom says her child was wearing pants. Her mom posted this picture on the FOX 29 Facebook page because she was so mad her daughter wasn't allowed into school Wednesday. Here's the question: leggings or pants?

According to Falina Hodges, her daughter was told to go home from Overbrook High and change because she was wearing tights, but Falina says, her daughter Nautica has been wearing these pants all year long as part of her uniform. Nautica is a sophomore at the school.

"I was very upset. If that was your child how would you feel? I sent my daughter to school on time and here she go late, and standing outside for 2 extra hours," her mother said.

Nautica missed class and got in trouble, but what has Falina most angry is the person making the clothing judgment call was a man.

"Why isn't it a woman in the front looking out these little girls. I feel like it shouldn't be no grown man looking at teenage girl to see if she have tights or pants on just the bottom line," Falina explained.

School district officials say the rule at Overbrook High is no tight clothes at all for girls and boys. So no matter what you call them tights or pants- they cross the line, according to the school climate manager.