DUI repeat offenders hold signs on street corner as punishment

ASHTABULA, OH - An Ohio judge doled out some unconventional punishments this Fourth of July weekend to two repeat offender drunk drivers.

Some local residents think the punishment could be tougher, while others say they are learning a valuable lesson and saving lives in the process.

Marcus Perry, 54, of Ashtabula, Ohio and Jeffrey Yenyo, 48, of Geneva, Ohio stood on a street corner Friday evening holding the signs.

Instead of receiving jail time, a municipal court in Ashtabula sentenced both men to stand on the corner with their hand-made signs from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Perry said, "I think it's fair and that's what should happen."

"It's my second one in a couple years, never had any trouble in my lifetime."

According to court records, Perry has had two DUI's while Yenyo has had seven.

A mother and daughter walking by were not sure what they thought of the punishment.

"I don't think the sign is severe enough, but I think it's good that you're punishing them somewhat," Rayzhawna Murray said.

"I do think it's appropriate 'cause they can see how many lives out here that they could've hurt or possibly killed from their neglect of drinking and driving," Chaliza Holmes said.

Perry says that he hopes the message of the creative sentence comes across to others before they make a similar mistake.

"I think it'll maybe put a little embarrassment in 'em and it'll help people this weekend to think about before they get behind the wheel when they're drinking," Jane Leonard, a local resident said.

When asked if he was embarrassed, Perry said, "Yes I am a little bit, yep, for my family and friends and everything. From here on out, I've learned my lesson and everything and it'll never happen, yes, yes, I was wrong."