Eagles fans gear up for Super Bowl LII

Can't make it to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII? What is the next best place to be? Right in Philadelphia Eagles territory.

Philadelphia International Airport filled with Eagles fans from far and wide soaring back to the city ready to cheer on their home team. No airplane needed, it's already crowded on cloud 9.

"For us to be able to fly from North Carolina from Charlotte for us to get here on Philadelphia soil and just for him top experience. It's just a lifetime experience for he both of us," one fan said.

Lovebirds who moved down south, but left their hearts in Philly are back to reclaim them with a Super Bowl win. 'Cause, let's be honest - no one quite gets that underdog mentality like the rest of your pack.

"Wouldn't have been the same," said another fan, "Not the same experience to be at home."

Most of these die-hards wasted no time booking that ticket home.

"The day we won the NFC Championship," a fan said.

"About an hour after they won two weeks ago," another fan said.

FOX 29 asked another fan, "When did you make these arrangements to come in? About two weeks ago," he replied.

Mike Unger hasn't been back to the area in a few years. He could think of no better reason.

"Go Eagles!" Unger said.

And, don't anyone dare come here with that Pats gear, walk through those gates - if it ain't green, people should go.

"Boo! Sorry!" was a back and forth exchange between an Eagles fan and a man decked out in Patriots' gear.

That is a warm Philly welcome for Pats fans. Almost, almost put him on a flight back to Minneapolis.