Eagles fans hopeful, despite week 2 loss to Tampa Bay

Many Eagles fans are still feeling hopeful, despite the loss to Tampa Bay, because it's so early in the season, though fans watching the game were hard-pressed to find hope.

Every now and then a burst of song would play down the bar and here and there a few cheers punctuated the otherwise baited-breath silence.

But, for the most part, it was a grim faced crowd lining the benches at Chickie's & Pete's in South Philadelphia Sunday afternoon.

Watching their Super Bowl champions fall in game 2 of the regular season, many fans thought the Eagles were going out with more of a whimper than a bang against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"The first half was not watchable," said fan Wayne.

Like a true Birds fan, Wayne was not mincing his words.

And, who can blame him? The Eagles rallying enough in the second half to get everyone's hopes up.

"I thought it was close there, at the end. I thought we had a chance. It just didn't happen," Wayne stated.

"I'm upset we lost," said another fan.

With heads in their hands, disappointment was clear on fans faces. For a city that took to winning like a duck to water, the loss - their first since last December - is a hard landing back to Earth.

As Nick Foles may now be feeling acutely, in this town, when a player is good, it's great.

When a player faces trouble - well, the fans don't mince words.

"I'm waiting for Carson to come back. I think I'm ready, at this point," fan Wayne explained. "Nick's the backup quarterback, at the end of the day. I think he's waiting for Wentz to come back and take the reins. It's Carson's team."

Still, there are 14 more games. No one's jumping the bandwagon just yet. This, after all, is still a city of the faithful.

"No, I'm not bummed because I know we're going to come back," a fan said.

"I got to be a die-hard. I got to believe in them. Can't give up on them because they didn't give up on us," one fan explained.