Event held for boy shot 10 times last year and young victims of gun violence

One year after a 7-year-old was shot ten times he's out of his wheelchair. His family hosted an event for people who have also gone through similar tragedies tonight. They even had a surprise for our Shawnette Wilson and it brought her to tears.

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A superhero-themed party for a little boy with incredible strength and will. This is Mahaj Brown exactly one year after he survived being shot 10 times by stray bullets.

His mother never thought she'd see him come this far.

"Mahaj technically still supposed to be wheelchair bound but as you can see he's running, jumping. Haji's not letting nothing stop him," his mom, Laprea Brown, said.

Mahaj's mother and grandmother who he affectionately calls "Stinka" came up with the event called "Superheroes Against Gun Violence Too Young to Die." It's also for the other children shot in Philadelphia around the same time as Mahaj who fought death and won.

There was music, food, dancing, the Sixers drill team and life-size superheroes.

But the most touching moment is when the officers who picked up Mahaj that night and rushed him to the hospital in their patrol car showed up.

"It's good seeing him out with all the kids out here now and it's nice to get recognized for doing something good," Philadelphia Police Officer Matt Walsh said.

11-year-old Milan Chase was hit by a stray bullet a month before Mahaj. She was there with her grandmother. 13-year-old Judelly Sanchez who was shot in the leg a few weeks later attended with her mother.

The crowd formed a circle around Mahaj who just wants to be a normal kid again.

"It's terrible. It's a mess. It needs to stop, especially these kids. They're innocent," said Shyema Washington who lost her 5-year-old son to gun violence three years ago.

Mahaj is still recovering. He had his 32nd surgery in May.

The family presented people with awards for being there for Mahaj from day one. Our Shawnette Wilson was one of the people that received an award.