Excited fans turn out for Eagles open practice at the Linc


Their one open training camp practice was held Sunday and fans who went to see them at the Linc were not disappointed.

Excited fans happy to see Eagles at open practice

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! They’re back.

No game, not even a pre-season game, but let the tailgating begin.

Excited fans happy to see Eagles at open practice

“Man, we got some homemade burgers, with bacon and onions and celery,” fan Mike Harrell said. “We got some brats, we got some sausage, we got pasta salad.”

Football season is here. And, a side of Super Bowl fever in August.

“We had a taste and we’re ready for the full meal,” Harrell added.

The Linc Sunday was the only time fans could catch an Eagles practice this season, compared to two last year, and as many as 18 public practices back during training days at Lehigh. Now, just one.

Excited fans happy to see Eagles at open practice

“They should open it up more. We all got kids, we like to bring our families down here,” John Thurston explained.

And, while nearly no other team charges to get in, this year, it cost $10.00, all to charity, the Eagles Autism Challenge. One teacher of kids with autism says that’s fine with her.

“I think it’s awesome. I mean, I know my classroom. They need it. Every cent we get that goes towards classroom materials, stuff for the kids,” Brittany Loesch stated.

And, when the likes of Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz appeared?

“I’ve been an Eagles fan my whole life. I’m really excited. I’ve never been this close,” said Dane Smith.

DeSean Jackson

This close to DeSean Jackson.

And front row seats for two excited ladies.

“My number one player is Fletcher Cox. I cannot wait to meet him. I am ecstatic! I’m beside myself!” exclaimed Jessica Rodgers.

Fans liking what they saw, even from the nosebleeds.

Excited fans happy to see Eagles at open practice


And, the Eagles announce they raised more than $475,000 for Eagles Autism Challenge Sunday night. For more information on this charity, click here.