Exton Movie Tavern implements new purse policy

Moviegoers are being caught by surprise over a new policy at the Movie Tavern in Exton that limits the size of the bag you can bring inside to no larger than 12” x 12” x 6”.

The change went into effect Oct. 1st. 

According to the company, the measure is "to expedite entry and for the safety of our guests and associates."

"I think why can't I carry my purse in if it's big, small? Maybe if your prices weren't so high, you wouldn't assume people are putting something in their purse that's what it's all about," Monia Trammell said.

A Movie Tavern employee checks the size of a customer's bag and asks them to put them in their vehicle if they don't meet the size requirements.

Customers who had no idea about the new policy say they're worried about someone breaking into their car while they were inside watching the movie.

"I wouldn't want to leave my big bag in the car, so I wouldn't go it. I wouldn't leave my purse in the car," April Clancy said.

Rhonda Haynes actually carried her big bag right in and no one said a thing. She says she'll bring a small one from now on and has no problem with it.

"It's for safety so I would approve, especially on weekends and due to violence and everything that's happening now in the communities," she said.

Medical bags and diaper bags are permitted.