Facing shaming while buying groceries during COVID-19 pandemic

The grocery store is pretty tense these days. A Warrington woman says she was picking up four loaves of bread when another lady shamed her for what was in her cart. 

“She just went, 'you hoarder' and I turned around and I was like 'that’s really rude' and she was just like, 'well, you are hoarding the bread,'" said Maggie Stout. 

Don’t get her wrong, Maggie Stout thinks hoarding is wrong. But it turns out, the food wasn’t for her.

“I’m making premade meals to deliver through the community to anyone who really just needs a smile and a little bit of a pick me up in this situation," she explained.

If given the chance, Maggie knows what she would say to the woman who judged her.

“I would probably offer her a meal, because I think she needs a smile just as much as anyone else that I’m doing it for so just stay positive is the most important thing," said Maggie. 

“Everybody is trying to help one another,” said Jody Della Barba. “My daughter runs to the store. She is shopping for me and her.” 

She is chair of the South Philadelphia Benevolence Society that’s sending food to seniors who can’t leave their home. 

“We don’t know how long this is going to last or we don’t want these people to be malnourished or become ill from the virus.," Jody said.

From Warrington, to South Philly, and even Old City, the judgment doesn’t stop there. 

“I find myself judging, you know, masks, no masks, gloves, it's appropriate.”  Jermaine Pinkey says the messages and suggestions from health officials change daily. He’s conflicted how to protect himself.  

“Now, they are saying hey maybe you should be wearing them, so you will never know," he said.

If you would like Maggie Stout in Warrington to deliver a meal to someone in need, email Maggiestoutcovid19@gmail.com or donate to a GoFundMe page set up, here.



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