Family loses everything in Wilmington rowhome fire

Investigators are trying to figure out what started a rowhome fire in Wilmington that spread to other homes as well.

"She's got to start all over again." Eneida Jusino surveyed the wreckage of her sister Sandra's home Friday. Nothing is left except the six things that no one could ever replace.

"Six children in the house--they're all girls--and they're all safe. Mom's safe," Wilmington Fire Chief John Looney said.

The fire began a quarter to six in Friday morning and spread to the adjacent home as well. Firefighters say it was Sandra's quick-thinking and motherly instinct that saved all half dozen of her girls--ages 5 to 12, according to aunt Eneida.

"Yes, she's a hero. She do it for her kids. She's a good mother," Eneida said.

The family just began renting the house on Adams Street a month ago. I-95 was practically in their front yard.

Eneida says her sister never had much to begin with but always managed to provide for her little girls.

"She's always paying attention to her kids. She takes them to the bus stop. She feeds them. They always have food," she said.

Fire Chief John Looney has a lesson on perspective we can all take to heart even on the worst of days.

"They're having a bad day but in reality it's a good day because everyone got out safe and they'll get through it," he said.