Family: Man who contracted flesh eating bacteria has forearms, hands amputated

A New Jersey man who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing in New Jersey had both of his hands and forearms amputated this week.

This is the most recent surgery since last month when Angel Perez, 60, had his fingers amputated.

Perez contracted the flesh-eating bacteria after crabbing in Maurice River, New Jersey; a spot where he had previously crabbed numerous times without any sign of illness.

Perez's daughter Dilena Perez-Dilan has appeared on Good Day Philadelphia in recent weeks to discuss her father's condition.

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Family members tell FOX 29 the surgery to amputate Perez's hands and forearms went well, and doctors tell them they are working to get him into rehabilitation and potentially fitted for prosthetics.

Perez-Dilan says her father is in good spirits following the latest procedure and has been joking back and forth with his caretakers.

Perez-Dilan said her family first saw the swelling in his right ankle where Angle Perez had developed a few scratches on his leg. Angel was sore, and after a while they took him to urgent care to be treated and it was later discovered he had contracted the bacteria.

Perez's immune system was already compromised by Parkinson's Disease.