Family members of local girl with alopecia shave their heads to show support, honor her courage

The family of 8-year-old Savannah Brown, who has alopecia, shaved their heads in support of her courage battling the disorder.  ((Family Photo))

A Northeast Philadelphia girl is inspiring her family with her strength and resilience as she battles a medical condition causing her to go bald. 

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack its hair follicles, resulting in hair loss for those who suffer from the condition. 

Savannah Brown is only eight years old, but her battle with alopecia is inspiring people much older than her. 

Savannah and her family joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss her journey and family support. 

According to Savannah's mother, Ruqayyah Qaiyim, Savannah was diagnosed with alopecia two months ago. 

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The child's doctors are unsure why she developed the disorder, which is rare in children, but believe it may be connected to a past illness like her diagnosis with COVID-19 over the summer. 

Savannah and her mother Ruqayyah

In a show of support for Savannah's resilience, her mother, father, grandmother and aunt shaved their heads. 

"It was just like ‘OMG,' I have an amazing family that supports me in a really awesome way," Savannah said. "Not a lot of moms would do that and my mom is special to me. Really special." 

Savannah's father, Steven Mack, said he shaved his head to support his daughter but also to challenge the standard of what society considers beautiful. 

"It kind of helped Savannah realize real beauty is designed by her character," he said. 

In a surprise on Good Day Philadelphia, Savannah's great aunt, Monica  Gibson, shaved her head on live television to show support for the strength the young girl has embodied along the journey. 

"[Savannah] is amazing. She has so much courage and she is encouraging, Gibson said. 

Savannah was left shocked at the overwhelming support she's received from her family. 

"I am just still in shock to see how many people shaved it to support me this way. I never really thought this would happen," she said. 

Savannah's great aunt gets her head shaved on "Good Day Philadelphia."