Family Says They Found Racist Note in Kids Meal

ARVADA, NV (WTXF) Two employees were fired from a Wendy's after a family says they found a racist note in their child's kids meal.

The family and close friends held a protest in response to the slanderous messages.

It wasn't the largest protest but the people in attendance were passionate about the matter, especially the mother of the child who received the note, Manige Osowski.

"I had to explain to my child what the N word means and she's never heard that term before," Osowksi says.

The note was on playing cards, according to the family.

"My child is now very aware of what racism is and what that word means and it's because of this card," Osowski says.

Wendy's spokesperson, Candis Goins says, "This is something that is not the culture of Wendy's. We took this very seriously, investigated, and identified the two employees involved. They no longer work for Wendy's."

Once the employees were fired Wendy's apologized to the family.

"They accepted our apology and we offered our condolences," Goins says.

But Manige Osowski felt differently about the situation.

"I don't accept the apology because I'm very aware of what racism is in this country," Osowski says.

The family states they still want it wants a formal apology from Wendy's especially for their children. Manige Osowski is also asking for Wendy's corporate office to enact better anti-racism training for its employees.