Family searches Fairmount Park for missing man after car found burned

Philadelphia police are searching through Philadelphia's Fairmount Park for a man who's been missing for more than two weeks.

"He's a brother, he's a son, he's a father," said Sonya Trader.

A Philadelphia Police K-9 team was on the hunt in the rain Sunday, searching for any sign of 38-year-old Ira Payne Bishop, of Claymont, Del. He was last seen at Harrah's Casino in Chester more than two weeks ago.

Bishop's car was found burned in Fairmount Park, but with no sign of him. His family said he had no reason to come to the park.

"We want some type of closure for him. We came out here to search for him," said Mira Bishop, Ira's aunt.

They were among several dozen people looking Sunday, when they thought they'd hit on a clue. Some clothing found, not far from his burned-out car.

Police were called, and the area taped off. It's not known yet if the clothes found are connected.

A foot and K-9 search followed.

"A pretty conclusive search. They looked up and down, and through trails and stuff, and we can't find anybody back here," said Captain Frank Llewellyn, with the Philadelphia Police.

But, his family said they'll be back, asking folks to be on the lookout for Ira, with his last name tattooed on his hands. "Payne" on his right hand, "Bishop" on his left.

They believe he'd been gambling too much lately, and wonder now if his disappearance is somehow connected.

"I know he's in the casino a lot lately. And, that's a lead right now," said Marvin Payne, Ira's uncle.

"We just want to bring him home. And, that's the main thing right now. Bring Ira Bishop-Payne home," said Payne.