Father speaks out two years after his son was shot, killed

Anthony Robinson's 21-year-old son, Nycier Bellamy, was shot to death on the evening of August 20, 2016, at the corner of G Street and Hilton in Philadelphia's Kensington section.

Bellamy was an aspiring hip hop dancer, with big dreams and big promise.

"You can't describe the horror of it," said Bellamy's father. "He could have taken the dancing to the next level. He could have done so much."

Instead, to his father's horror, Bellamy became just another statistic. Another young black man gunned down in front of witnesses who have never come forward.

"You were there! You stood there and watched him die," Robinson said.

Robinson says Philadelphia police told him security camera video was recovered, showing the murder, but, he says, the footage has never been released. He says he has not heard anything from Philly police since October of 2016.

"No interaction. I reach out to them and I get, 'oh, well, the detective's not here. He'll call you back," said Robinson.

In a city where young black men die violent deaths with frightening frequency, Robinson says each new incident is a dagger in his heart.

"I know the pain! It's personal. I know what they're going through! I know the pain they feel, I know the frustration they feel, I know the anger they feel. And it hurts," said Robinson holding back tears.

Robinson has his own issues to deal with he wears a prosthetic foot and a pacemaker, but it's the pain of his son's unsolved murder that keeps him up at night. He cannot stop wondering why his son's killer can still roams the streets.

"I miss my son. I miss the relationship I had with my son. I miss the hugs, I miss hearing him say, 'dad, I love you.' I miss telling him I love him!"