Feasterville black bear successfully tranquilized without harm

Police in Bucks County responded to a black bear in Feasterville, Pennsylvania Monday morning. Initial sightings were reported as late as Sunday night.

Lower Southampton Police were called near Brookside Manor off of Bustleton Pike and County Line Road earlier in the morning. Civilians are asked to avoid the area.

SKYFOX was over the scene where the bear had climbed high into a tree. A short time later, the bear was seen walking on the ground and even wading in a creek.

Police say the bear climbed back into a tree around 11 a.m., where he did not pose an immediate threat. Residents were asked to proceed with caution and stay in their car or home if they saw the bear.

Conservation officers successfully tranquilized the bear without harm on Monday afternoon. Now, conversation officers will relocate the furry visitor to a less populated area in PA State Game Lands.

Officials estimate the bear is a younger one, weighing around 150 lbs.

The earlier sightings came several days after a bear was spotted in Doylestown, near Route 202 and Swamp Road.