Florida police officers rescue American flag blown down during storms

After a strong storm made its way through Crestview on Monday, many things were left array on the street. One of them was an American flag found at the Okaloosa County Courthouse. 

Crestview police officers were recognized by the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office for their patriotic act after they were seen on surveillance footage immediately taking action. 

The officers were seen carefully removing the flag off the flagpole, folding it traditionally and taking it back to the "safety of the police station." The officers – Jonathan Sprague, Tyler Culbertson and Benjamin Gross – were also recognized by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, and many others online. 

"In all honesty, I wasn't exactly sure why it had gotten so big," Crestview Police Officer Tyler Culbertson told FOX News' FOX & Friends about the internet's response to the viral video. "It seemed like something that anybody would do." 

Officer Benjamin Gross felt the same way. 

"I didn't think it was such a big deal to everyone else. I just thought it was a normal, every day thing that most people would do," he said. 

Debunking common American flag myths

Here are some common American flag myths, according to the U.S. Flag Code:

Myth: You must destroy the flag when it touches the ground. 

Fact: The flag should be destroyed when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display. 

Myth: You cannot wash or dry-clean the flag. 

Fact: The U.S. Flag Code does not mention or prohibit washing or dry-cleaning the flag. 

Myth: You can be found in violation for not following the U.S. Flag Code. 

Fact: The U.S. Flag Code is a set of guidelines, not a law.