Food Bank of South Jersey helps those in need during COVID-19 crisis

The Food Bank of South Jersey helps people in need of food each and every day. Volunteers are working especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"To see that many people out there in need, to see people needing food increase because of the COVID situation.”It was a day that was hard to find much good to focus on. With the rain and an almost unimaginable line of people in need of food, it was something that even a drone shot couldn’t fully capture.

The one thing the drone was able to show was the hundreds of people like Gerald Tieyah, the manager of volunteer services at the Food Bank of South Jersey, who were there to help.

“We wish we didn’t have to exist but we’re glad we’re here because the need is so great out here,” Gerald Tieyah told FOX 29.


This was the scene in Mount Laurel as cars waited hours for boxes of basic survival goods that were thankfully available because of groups like the Food Bank of South Jersey, Farmers Against Hunger and others.“We’re just trying to make sure that people have enough to have food for the upcoming weeks.”Seeing that many people in need because of the coronavirus pandemic was hard, but seeing how many people joined Tieyah and the others was truly heartwarming.“The compassion that people have to give and to make sure that their fellow community members have food, that outpouring of compassion and just needed to help has increased.”

Tieyah was nominated as hero perhaps because of his need to always be out there with the volunteers, despite his own fears and health concerns. Like so many others, he made it clear that those standing next to him were his real heroes.

“Me, personally I have asthma. I have a few other things, so just being a little scared of what could be but knowing that I’m out here with my team, I’m out here with my coworkers and for the community. I can muscle past that," he added.

The volunteers, they are seeing this need so they take it upon themselves to come out here and help us. They don’t have to but they want to volunteer. They want to help other people.”

So whether it’s Tieyah or any of the hundreds of others who stepped up to help, over 1,000 people left with food that day because of their efforts. That is clearly what makes them heroes – for goodness sake.

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