Forensics investigators at home of missing Chester County woman

State Police combed the inside and outside of a home on Hedgerow Lane in Malvern well into the evening. They brought out bags and containers of evidence. It's the home of 43-year-old Anna Maciejewska who vanished three months ago.

"Time has passed. A lot of time has passed and I'm sure for Anna's parents these three months have been years and years and years," said Ashley May.

She's one of a group of concerned people who formed a group called "Find Anna". They watched closely throughout the day as forensics investigators concentrated on several areas outside the house too including the front lawn and a small area of trees and shrubs alongside the back of the house.

"If you hear anybody talk about Anna she was the kindest, sweetest woman. She was always smiling," said May. Some in the group knew Anna from her job as an actuary at Voya financial. Others like Jacqueline Swan are just from the area but touched by what's happening.

"We have boots on the ground and trying to get flyers out for media attention to find this woman," said Swan.

Anna lived in the home with her husband and now 4-year-old son but her parents and siblings are in Poland.

"Someone needs to care. We need to be her voice," said Swan.

The investigation has been quiet until today. We know according to investigators that the woman was last seen by her husband on April 10th before she left for work in West Chester. They were notified the next day after she didn't show up for work. Her car was found May 5th at a walking trail in the area.

"When you think about this wonderful woman how can you let her go missing and not want to be involved and not want to help and not want to try and find her?" said May.

State Police would not comment on what they were searching for or what brought them back to the house.