Free prom shop event benefits children with disabilities

Students and volunteers are stepping up to make sure everyone has an unbelievable prom.

"They have some amazing beautiful dresses here," said Karen Noel.

Karen and her 20-year old daughter Michaela are looking for a dress that will make her red-carpet ready.

All of the dresses are donated for the big night. The prom is organized for children with disabilities by Athletes Helping Athletes.

Michaela has a list of things she needs to be ready.

"The purse, flowers and everything else. It adds up. Sure it does," Karen said.

MIchaela's prom date, Justin, was also searching for prom attire. His mother says he knew exactly what he wanted.

"He picked out a black tux, and he looks handsome in it," said Justin's mother, Theresa Gabor.

Justin suited up to show FOX 29 his best dance moves for prom night.

Deneen McCaffery, the founder of Helping Hands in the Northeast, offered the prom attire donated to her organization to these families for free.

"These kids already have challenges and their parents have challenges as it is, so let's just make one thing easy for them," McCaffery said.

Meanwhile, Michaela's father is happy to see her having the time of her life.

"Go Michaela," onlookers screamed as she posed.

"She has to work on her shyness," her father joked.

The big night is slated for March 30 at Archbishop Ryan High School.