Germantown church becomes barbershop to give back to community

A Germantown church becomes a barbershop of sorts, providing those in need with haircuts and one more reason to be thankful this time of year.

A haircut is a way for Noritaka Iwasaki to give back to the town where he grew up.  Along with his childhood friends, Takuya and Tsugu, he is giving free haircuts to members of his Germantown community.

“A hair cut can do a lot of things. It can get you a job or the girl of your dreams…never know. Appearance is everything,” stated one man getting a trim.

Germantown church becomes barbershop for a day.

They call themselves Origin Cuts and Noritaka and his friends hope to start a barber movement by spreading joy and love, not just in his home town, but around the world.

“I know for myself, when I get a haircut, I feel really good. I know that when people get one, they look good, they feel good, so they do good. So they want to share the same good feeling to people and I think it is contagious,” Noritaka explained.