Girl says she was abducted from prom by ex-boyfriend

Authorities in Marion County are investigating after a girl claimed she was abducted by her ex-boyfriend from her prom.

The teenage girl and her prom date were dressed to the nines and on their way to their prom for Belleview High School when the deputies say 19-year-old Christopher Rosario drove up to the high school and wanted to talk with her. In an effort to avoid any confrontation between Rosario and her date, the victim said she sat down in Rosario's car as he requested.

At that point, she said Rosario sped off while she was still in the car. She said she fought Rosario and tried to get out of the car, but was not able to. She explained that she broke one of her nails trying to fight Rosario and Rosario bit her on her arm. She also told deputies that Rosario took her phone and prevented her from calling 911.

Deputies said several people witnessed the event and saw the girl hanging out of the vehicle screaming for help. Deputies were eventually able to track down her phone using a phone application, which led them to the victim and Rosario.

Rosario saw deputies driving towards him and he crashed his vehicle into the woods. The victim got out of the car and ran towards deputies in her prom dress begging for help.

Rosario was apprehended without incident and was charged with felony kidnapping.