Good Samaritan turns in money found in parking lot at Giant in Lower Saucon Twp.

A Good Samaritan found money in the parking lot of the Giant and turned it into police. Lower Saucon Police Chief Thomas Barndt says its locked away and he has put out word in hopes of finding the rightful owner.

The money was found on Sept. 11 around 9:45 p.m. at the Giant located on Leithsville Road.

"Then, we’ll do social media broadcasts, press releases through a Crimewatch program, Facebook page to try to get people to come in and identify it.  If it’s a positive identification, we’ll turn it over to them," Chief Barndt told FOX 29's Hank Flynn.

If it isn’t claimed by a certain point, it goes to the state treasury by law. 

If you lost the cash and can provide a detailed description please stop by or call the Lower Saucon Police Department at 610-317-6110.