Good Samaritans smash a car's windows to free some puppies trapped inside

Witnesses say these puppies were locked in a hot car for more than an hour. The windows were sealed shut, they had no access to water and the owner was nowhere to be found.

Video posted on Facebook shows a crowd of mall shoppers and security coming to the rescue of two 4-month-old poodle puppies locked inside an unbearably hot car Friday evening.

As they waited for police, one shopper grabbed a golf club to take matters into his own hands.

They were both dehydrated and heavily panting, desperate for their first taste of water.

Director of Taylor Animal Control Lanny Hall says they were then turned over to his care.

"This is Mister and Sassy is with a foster right now. Our mayor, our police chief are both big animal advocates and they are not going to stand for people locking their animals in cars. It's 90 degrees outside. It's probably 110 inside the car."

Taylor Police arrested the woman at the mall who was supposed to be taking care of the puppies.

We're told she was inside the mall getting her nails done.

She has since released ownership to animal control.

"These dogs, they could've been dead 10 minutes later. So the people that stepped up and got them out -- I give them all the credit in the world."

Taylor Police are not releasing much more information about the woman that was arrested but the director of animal control says she will be charged for animal cruelty.