Gun Shop Opening Next to Elementary School Gets Mixed Reactions

MCLEAN, VA - Parents in the Virginia town of McLean are outraged with owners of a gun shop.

That's because the shop, which sells high-powered weapons and handguns, moved in right next door to an elementary school.

Nova Firearms' opened in September and sits not far from Franklin Sherman Elementary.

Parents want the store closed, young students find the situation scary, but, shop owners say safety is the main priority.

"Having people with firearms that are trained would actually be a deterrent for anyone to do anything in this area, including the elementary school, because there would be people in such close proximity to respond," explained store manager Rachel Dresser.

"'What is having a gun store next door going to do for the school? I mean that's like, the gun shop owner is going to come out with a loaded gun and come and play hero?" a concerned parent countered.

Gun control back in the national spotlight recently, as two school shootings took place Friday. One in Arizona and another in Texas.