A young trick-or-treater refills house's empty bowl with her own candy: video

The generosity of a young trick-or-treater in Waconia, Minnesota, didn't go unnoticed thanks to a woman's door camera. 

Kristina Kallman said she left a bowl of candy on her porch asking trick-or-treaters to help themselves when she left her house on Halloween to attend a party. 

While she was away, she ran out of candy. That is when a very generous trick-or-treater wandered up the house looking for a piece of candy.

Twelve-year-old Abby and her younger brother Levi popped onto the porch to grab a piece of candy, 

The trick-or-treating duo, finding the bowl empty, didn't walk away for a pout. Abby, dressed as a superhero, decided to play the part and took some of her own candy she had collected and donated it to the bowl so others could have some. 

Abby's mom telling Fox 9 her daughter didn't think twice about the generous act. 

Not thinking twice about her super behavior, Abby's mom told her that people all over Facebook were applauding her efforts. Abby's response was a simple "Well I didn't want other kids to not have candy."