Hamilton police investigate after racist graffiti found on several roads

Hamilton police are investigating what they are calling a "bias incident."

Denise Matlock called local police after she found racist graffiti on the road.

"I never thought I would see something like that it hurt me so bad. I was like crying in the office and my boss said calm down there’s a lot of crazy people out there," she said.

Hart, who has lived in Hamilton for 55 years, found the location of the graffiti on the road in the middle of the sprawling cemetery near her home. Paint covered the racist graffiti, but still it was painful.

"Absolutely horrible, I just wish that this world we could live in peace and not hate one another. We all bleed the same way," she said.

If you have any information, please contact Detective Ben Zuzzio at 609-581-4030 or the Hamilton Police Crime Tips Line 609-581-4008.



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