Hank's Take: Trash dump

From burgers and fries to trash and filth, an abandoned fast food chain in West Philadelphia has turned into a literal trash heap.

The former Checkers Burger location on 52nd and Market Street was shut down due to underperformance, according to a Checkers representative, and it has been all downhill from there.

The property now belongs to a company called Viking 5129 Partners LLC. The new owners were recently issued a citation for trash and for not securing the building.

"I don't know what you can do," said local Uber driver, Easy B. "I pick up people at the corner and they ask to bring the car away from the trash."

A new tenant is rumored to be moving in to the disheveled lot soon, but in the end it is the property owner who should be responsible for the cleanup according to Philadelphia Streets.

"Ultimately, the property owner is still responsible for maintaining the sidewalk that is clear and free from litter and debris, including materials that are left over from the property owner and/or items that are dumped," said a Philadelphia Streets representative.

For now, locals are basically at the mercy of the building owner to clean up the mess. Philadelphia Streets says that anyone interested in cleaning up the lot themselves should consult their department.