Happy Festivus: Air your grievances from 2020 at Havertown home

Just about every home in Havertown is decked out with decorations, but one home on Brookline Boulevard it's so 2020. You can stop by to air your grievances.

"It’s a holiday for everyone else. It's a time to air your grievances and get everything off your chest," organizer Katie McByrne said.

The famous Seinfield episode is being re-created on the front lawn of the home. It's complete with a Festivus pole and a box where people have been stopping by to air their grievances.

"People love it. They stop. Come look at the house, park their car. They put a grievance in the box and go on with their day it’s great," organizer Brian Friend said.

Every grievance will be matched with a donation to the Kevin Cain Foundation, which is a local charity helping support families of cancer patients. 

"For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping people. We can pay mortgages, bills, send them on trips, just make them happy. Just get them away from cancer," Rosemary Kane said.

For the last three weeks, the box has been filled and emptied three times. As you would imagine many of this year's grievances were about the pandemic. 

"Obviously 2020 has been a real challenging year for people. And Festivus is a time to air your grievances. So with everything on people's chest, it was a great idea to get it out in the open," Katie McByrne said.


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