HEARTWARMING: Bucks County basketball game brings the community together

A friendly game of hoops in Bucks County has gone viral. So what was so special about this particular basketball game?

Photojournalist Bill Rohrer explains how this ordinary game between two men has a whole community coming together.

A few days ago, FOX 29 viewer John Crichton sent in a video of two men playing basketball at Mayors Playground in Langhorne, Bucks County. It was special moment between two men of different ages playing the game they love.

"I thought maybe 3 people will look at it and say it is really cool," he told FOX 29.

The video came with a few words from John, "We should all follow the lead of these two gentlemen. Putting such stark contrast backgrounds aside to enjoy a nice day on the court. Random connection that should be shared a million times. We should all follow their lead."

"I was hoping that the message that I saw would get out there. Not a lot of people do stuff like this or at least I don't see it often," John said.

The men playing 'Horse' has been shared on our website over-and-over again. Eventually, revealing their identity.

It turns out, Gary Bloom and Aaron Banks come to the park often But, until playing that game these two had never met.

"Never seen Aaron before. I was out here, he had a ball, I said let's shot around a little bit. We did for a half hour then I was gone," Gary explained.

Gone--that's until a member of Gary's church told him about the video Aaron found out a little sooner from a friend.

"He tagged me on IG. He said you are famous. I said what are you talking about," he said.

Over 3,000 likes on our Facebook page has our reporter wanting to find out a little more than their names.

Gary played basketball most of his life and claims he could dunk until his late 50s.

Aaron works for Woods Services, which is an organization that empowers people with disabilities and challenges to reach their highest potential. He was there with a few residents on a field trip.

"People that are reaching out are like this makes me feel really good. We need to see more of this. It is people of all races, genders, all everything. Everybody is kind of coming together. I am not naive to think that a simple basketball game is going to solve the world's problems, but it doesn't hurt to say if they can do it, maybe we all can," John said.