Hero Grandmother Saves 8-Year-Old Granddaughter

INGLEWOOD, CA An 8-year-old girl is on the mend after escaping serious injury and potential death from a hit-and-run incident last week.

She says her safety is all thanks to her grandmother, who is now fighting for her own life.

Police say Emonie Baham and her grandmother, Mae Baham, were out for a walk in Inglewood last Wednesday, November 25, when they were struck by a alleged hit-and-run driver.

The victims we're walking across a crosswalk as the suspect ran a red light, according to police.

The 55-year-old put her life on the line, pushing her granddaughter out of harm's way, taking the brunt of the car's impact.

But the car still hit Emonie partially, leaving her with a fractured leg. Her grandma remains in a coma at UCLA Medical Center.

"She pushed me out of the way so I won't get hit. She took the chance so she could get hit. I flew over the car. My leg started hurting," victim and granddaughter, Emonie Baham, says.

Witnesses say the driver did pull over before speeding off from the scene.

Now the Baham is demanding justice, saying, "Turn yourself in if you did it."

Emonie Baham's family is praying for both victims' recovery and hoping the suspect will receive the punishment he deserves.

"It was wrong. You know, my daughter could have lost her life. My mom is in the ICU fighting for her life. Just turn yourself in. It's wrong," said the mother and daughter of the hit-and-run the victims Wykishia Smith.

Police are searching for the driver and the incident is still under investigation.