Homeless 'piano man' gets makeover

SARASOTA (FOX 13) -Donald Gould looks like a new man, but his music hasn't changed. It's as beautiful as ever. He's become a national sensation thanks to a viral video posted last week.

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"Very overwhelming, can't believe it, never thought it would happen," Gould said.

Now in the midst of his celebrity, the former Marine has the chance to turn his life around. "I hope this will bring me back up," he said.

He was given a makeover thanks to 'Inside Edition.' He's also been given temporary housing and an account set up for him has already reached $35,000.

"Very blessed. This is might be my last chance; I don't want to let nobody down," Gould said.

"I'm extremely excited for him and I'm also kind of scared for him," said Jacqueline Bevan, a Christian Life coach who's helping guide Donald on his path to redemption. "I can want this for Donald, I can want to do this for him, and I want all these beautiful things for him, but when it goes down to it Donald has to want to do it."

And it starts with rehab this week. Drugs and alcohol landed him on the streets following the death of his wife and the loss of his son to child services.

"I think he's got extreme potential. He's a humble man, he's sweet," she said.

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All he needed was a chance a chance he now has one. "I'm enjoying all the attention, never thought it'd happen this way," Gould said.

Gould hopes the notoriety helps him reconnect with his son. He says he hasn't seen him in some 15 years.

Donald also tells FOX 13 that Spring Arbor University in Michigan has offered him the chance to complete his college degree. He was three semesters shy before leaving school.

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