Hoping to stay afloat, local restaurants want to cook the holiday meal

Are tasks piling up this week, ahead of Christmas? There are many people sharing that feeling way, so take a load off and have someone make the holiday dinner. Thousands of restaurants in the area will gladly take the task.

"Yes! Let us handle the food this year! We have small packages and big packages. This is obviously not the year to be meeting or having large gatherings. So, we are creating options based on that," stated Rui Lucas, owner of NaBrasa Brazilian Steakhouse.

Dining in is typically the way to go at NaBrasa, in normal times. But, this week, Rui Lucas says put down the spatula – he’s got a home run Christmas dinner on the stove.

"From the NaBrasa Brazilian Steakhouse and from the Iron Abbey, we are combing them. We have seven options. One of which is the Tomahawk. Tomahawk with five different sides," explains Lucas.

Lots of options. Classy dinner. And, it can be eaten at one of the outside tent tables or take it home. But, there ought to be choices. Martin at Steam Pub in Southampton’s going with the classics.

"We’re doing a traditional Christmas dinner. You got three choices of protein. We got your spiral ham, we got your tenderloin and we got your prime rib. You can pick one of those. We’re doing it per person. And, all the sides come family-style. Classics," Martin explained.

This should come as no surprise. Restaurants have been trying to remain afloat all year long.

The BLTs at Steak and Hoagie Factory in Richboro ought to be called BBLTs for obvious reasons.

"When you get a group of people sitting around, hanging out, that says chicken wings to me. We sell a boatload of wings. We run a 50 wing special for $44.99. Your choice of flavors will break it up any way you want. Delivered? Pick up? Right to your house," Mike with Steak and Hoagie Factory states.

Mike adds that adjusting to a DoorDash and Grubhub heavy delivery model has been necessary, but a hard cut into profit.

NaBrasa’s to-go cocktail game is strong and they will sell their meals to cool at home, if that’s a preference.


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