Hundreds participate in one of the world's first Pokémon Go competitions

Hundreds participate in one of the world's first Pokemon Go competitions in Hong Kong.

Players whipped out their phones and sped across the streets in a race against the clock.

With their heads glued to their phones, over 600 people participated in the "Pokegame" competition, despite the 93 degree heat.

The competition began around 2 in the afternoon local time when organizers began announcing the rules on their Facebook page.

Contestants had to take screenshots of 12 specific Pokemon in three different districts,

Father-and-son duo nelson and Lucas Leung took the contest so seriously that they skipped lunch and hurried to one of the districts right after the 10-year-old's violin class.

Apart from the 12 key Pokemon, participants could also catch designated rare Pokemons which would take off some minutes from their total time.

The winner was 21 year old Frankie Chu.

The champ took home roughly three hundred and eighty six dollars that he says he will use to pay his school fees.

The augmented reality game has been a hit in Hong Kong since it was launched on July 25.

Local media reports that over a thousand people often flock to certain parks at night to catch the virtual monsters.